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Congratulations! You have just purchased America's most unusual and most unique  pedal boat. Your Adventureglass pedal boat is the result of years of design, manufacturing and material improvements. It clearly represents the best value available and is designed to provide your company or you and your family with many years of enjoyable service.

 Enclosed are some helpful hints and tips and suggestions for time sheet and disclaimer if needed, to help making the operation successful with your new Adventureglass Paddleboats.




One very important factor for the success of the boat rental is visibility. If your guests can see the boats They will want to try them. It needs to be easy to find where to get the to boats.

If they can not naturally see the boats it might be a good idea to place a boat in a very visible area, even on land maybe with a Photo spot sign behind it. To awaken the interest in trying the paddleboats.

 Miscellaneous Information.

Typically most of our customers charge for 1/2 hour, price range from $6.– to $25.– per a half hour.

In some places they charge per person instead. Especially if they have some of our 4 seater Paddleboats which seats more people. We are also told that it prevents overloading of the boats, since the customers pay per person, the operator can make them take more boats instead of trying to load everybody in one boat.

 If you do not buy the dock system from us please make sure to check in our catalog or our website for ideal dimensions for your piers and docks.

 Spare parts are readily available from us. We have a parts book and also all the parts listed on our website.

 We recommend that you require customers to use PFD (Lifejackets). We can supply those or you can get them locally.

 Clean boats rent much better than dirty boats.


Short Maintenance List for the paddleboats

· Check Drain plugs so that they are tight and don’t leak.  Make sure the plug is screwed in all the way so the rubber O-ring  can prevent water from leaking inside the boat (replace O-ring if necessary). Apply Vaseline on the plug occasionally.

 · Check rudder. ( It needs to turn equally to left and right, and it has to be loose on the mounting bolt.)

· Wax the paddleboats preferably every month, in sunny areas more often.

 · A good way to get water out of the paddleboats is to use a hand bilge pump (can be purchased from Adventure-glass) or a wet vac. It will also clean the boats at the same time.

  · Clean canvas covers with “armor all” or similar product that protects the Canvas from sun and dryness.

 · Grease ball bearings at cranks monthly. Oil the other bearings if they squeak.

  · If the paddlewheel squeaks. put a little oil on the rubber seal where the paddlewheel shaft goes through the body of the boat into the crank area.

 · Always keep the paddleboats as clean as possible. 

· On self draining models. Place the rubber drain plug in the drain while using the boats and remember to remove when boat is not in use.

Short Maintenance List
Time sheet