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Complete Docks and LIFTS
T- shaped docksystem
This is the best dock especially for high traffic locations
The T-shaped dock pictured here is the ultimate setup Adventureglass offers.
The Adventureglass Lift
Our Dock systems can fit your needs as:
Docks and Lifts are made in the USA
Our specially developed loading and unloading lift dock, is the perfect solution for the busy location.
The lift dock holds the paddleboat steady when customers embark and disembark the paddleboats.
This makes the loading and unloading safer and it eliminates the stress and lightens the physical workload for the operator.
The lift dock frame is make of heavy aluminum square tubing.
The levers and moving mechanical parts are made of stainless steel.
The actual area that touches the paddleboat is covered with a soft material to protect the paddleboat.
All bearings are made with Delrin (nylon) inserts for low maintenance.
The Lift operates with pneumatic cylinders controlled by one single handle.
Facts about the Adventureglass lift dock .
Very strong and low maintenance air cylinder mounted on stainless steel and aluminum, makes this a long lasting low maintenance lift.
Makes loading and unloading easier, faster and safer for customers and operators
 Molded Plastic modular docks as floating or stationary docks in several versions.
 Aluminum frame with a resin top can be made as a floating dock or stationary
We can customize your dock to fit almost any location. The stationary docks can be mounted with augers or footplates to fit your pond.
The docks are ideal to also protect your Adventureglass boats from damage. The lift system specially developed for a busy rental operation is made to fit our docks.
Adventureglass offers several styles of docks.
Aluminum frame with resin top
Molded Plastic dock
Aluminum Frame with resin top
Dock Alongside Regular Seawall